Trex Gates & Hardware

Trex Seclusions® – Standard Style Gates

All Trex gates (standard & custom) contain a fully welded, galvanized internal steel frame.

Small Panel

Gate opening: SINGLE: 46 ¼” DOUBLE: 91 ½”

Panel Size: 44 ⅜” x 70 ¼”

Panel Weight: 92 lbs

Large Panel

Gate opening: SINGLE: 65 ¾” DOUBLE: 130 ½”

Panel Size: 63 ⅞” x 70 ¼”

Panel Weight: 125 lbs

The panels described above are also available in custom width and heights.

Trex Gate Description:

Standard style CFC-built gates are intentionally constructed to mimic the look of the fence and are identical visually on both sides. This unique, patent-pending design is built precisely to the dimensions of the Trex materials to ensure all components are tightly interlocked. Our gates are lightweight and durable, and the panels are built with our unique locking mechanism on the outside edges of the panels. Additionally, our custom gate hinges and latch wrap around the edges of the gate providing the utmost strength.

Each gate panel is shipped individually boxed with three gates to a pallet.

Calculating Gate Opening:

Standard gate panels are 70 ¼” tall. They are built for a 72” tall fence allowing a 1 ¾” clearance underneath.

The optimal single gate opening for standard gate panels are 46 ¼” or 65 ¾”. This allows for a 1 ⅞” gap for the hardware (the minimum required allowance is 1 ¼ “; the maximum allowance is 2 ¾”).

The optimal double gate opening for standard gate panels is 91 ½” (for two small panels) and 130 ½” (for two large panels) or 111” (for one small panel and one large panel). This allows for a 2 ¾” gap for hardware (the minimum required allowance is 1 ¾”; the maximum allowance is 4 ¼”).

If the desired gate opening does not fall within the required parameters above a custom gate panel must be ordered. Use these formulas to calculate panel size.

Height: Fence Height – 1 ¾” (for clearance) = Panel Height (for example: 72” – 1 ¾” = 70 ¼”)

Single Gate Width: Gate opening – 1 ⅞” = Panel Size (for example: 40” – 1 ⅞” = 38 ⅛”)

Double Gate Width: (Gate opening – 2 ¾”) ÷ 2 = Panel Size (for example: (120” – 2 ¾”) ÷ 2 = 117 ¼”)

• The suggested gap size is the minimum necessary that will still allow for adjustability.

• To block the view of a gap on the latch and/or hinge posts, a Trex 2×2 baluster should be attached to the gate post on the opposite side of swing.


Trex Gate Hardware Kits

Materials are stainless steel black powder-coated

Basic Single Gate Package

2 – horizontal adjustable hinges

1 – single gate post latch

2 – gate handles

Stainless steel fasteners included.

Basic Double Gate Package

4 – horizontal adjustable hinges

1 – double gate post latch

2 – gate handles

1 – drop rod

Stainless steel fasteners included.

Trex gate hardware description:

Our unique hinges and latches are designed specifically for the weight and dimensions of our Trex gates. The hardware wraps around the gate panel allowing all fasteners to attach to the internal steel frame. The hardware includes black powder-coated, stainless steel components to avoid corrosion typical to mild steel, particularly for customers in coastal or high humidity areas. Our hardware is not just strong and durable, but fully and easily adjustable.

Materials/Components needed (if Trex gate posts are already installed):

  • Single gate: (1) panel, (1) single gate hardware kit, (1) post insert
  • Double Gate: (2) gate panels, (1) double gate hardware kit, (2) post inserts